In August of 2010, Agrigento acquired a manufacturing facility in Geochang County in the southern province of Gyeongsang. We facilitated 8 manufacturing lines to create 14 formulations during our first year. So far, we registered 107 products and 62 technicals. Furthermore, we have continuously invested in our in our Research and Development Center from the very beginning of Agrigento. We are looking forward to developing new environmentally- and user-friendly multi-purpose products and formulations. As a result, we have achieved $1.3 million USD in net profit over seven years while showing approximately 19% Compound Annual Growth Rate, which is a remarkable growth rate for those in the manufacturing field in South Korea.
We not only strive to make a difference but lead with difference. Recognizing their vital role as caretakers of their communities, we developed a new and unrivalled branch system for distribution which puts small vendors first. This system not only provides us with market strategies that help us protect the price of our manufactured goods, but also provides protection for the small distributors all around South Korea. A distribution network which sections the market at the community level helps small business all around South Korea remain competitive and ensures promising growth for Agrigento. Harmonious and strong ties to local communities is a key way in which Agrigento raises the standards of the pesticide industry in South Korea and demonstrates our commitment to going above and beyond.
Agrigento knows that change begins at home. We benchmark our efforts in innovation and excellence through our internal performance index. Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics guide an employee’s development in becoming a future leader of the pesticide industry and we provide the opportunities and resources to help them get there. Agrigento employees look beyond the numbers and see the bigger picture and are committed to improving the industry as a whole.
Agrigento is prepared to succeed along every dimension and become a vital member of the South Korean pesticide industry by working alongside agricultural communities that value excellence, professionalism, and environmental sustainability.

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